Teachers and a Watchman Beaten To Death by Form Four Students Who Wanted To Burn the School in LIMURU




Teachers and a Watchman Beaten To Death by Form Four Students Who Wanted To Burn the School in LIMURU

4 Teachers who tried to stop students from burning a school have been confirmed dead including a watchman who tried to help the teacher stop the students from burning the school!

All this unfolded yesterday in the evening as the students broke off from their dorms and rushed to the hall with gallants of petrol with intention of burning the dining hall down!

In a series of events the students had poured petrol on the floor and on windows but had not yet lit the fire!

As the teachers tried to stop them, they became violent and started rebelling!

The rebellion lead to war, the number of students outnumbered the teachers!

With no source of help, the students are believed to have stabbed the teachers with knives and killed them

Then they went on and escaped. Area OCPD has confirmed that investigations are ongoing!

This is real sad, TYPE RIP

Watchman on duty saw this and raised the alarm then 4 teachers showed up!


Koffi found guilty of assault, to serve one year

– Reports now indicate that Congolese musician Koffi Olomide will serve one year in prison for assaulting his dancer in Kenya

– Koffi was arrested on Tuesday, July 26 at his home in Kinshasa by police of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This follows his arrest earlier today Tuesday, July 26 in Kinshasa by The National Police of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on orders of the Attorney General.

The arrest was in relation to the unfortunate incident during his trip in Kenya.

It is reported Koffi was immediately taken to court and was found guilty of assaulting his dancer at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya.

Koffi found guilty of assault, to serve one year

Social media users in Congo reportedly congratulated the authorities for the arrest

Koffi was deported back to Congo by Kenyan authorities after a video of him assaulting a female dancer went viral.

Social media users expressed their disappointment over the incident calling for a boycott of his scheduled concert which was cancelled following his deportation.

Koffi found guilty of assault, to serve one year

The Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia also cancelled his planned concerts in Lusaka after the incident.

Olomide through his facebook page apologised for the incident saying “it was a moment of sadness”.


The BBC has reported that the Zambia Association of Musicians said in a statement that Olomide beat up one of his dancers and a photojournalist in 2013. He later escaped a police dragnet set out for his arrest.

Other accusations on the musician have been revealed in 2008 where he fought with a cameraman and in 2012.

in 2012, Olomide was charged with rape and was also sentenced to three months for assaulting a producer.

Koffi Olomide arrested at his home for kicking dancer at JKIA

Embattled Congolese singer Koffi Olomide was on Tuesday morning arrested at his home in Kinshasa, Nairobi News has learnt.

A Congolese journalist posted on her Twitter account pictures of the singer surrounded by plain clothes police officers with a caption: “#RDC. L’artiste musicien Koffi Olomide arrêté ce matin à son domicile (#DRC Musician Koffi Olomide arrested this morning at his home.)

Asked by a user why the Selfie singer was being arrested, she answered: “Affaire Kenya” which translates to “The Kenyan incident.”

The musician was caught on tape viciously attacking one of his dancers on arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi last week.

The Kenyan government cancelled his visa and deported him over the incident. His scheduled performance at the Bomas of Kenya was also cancelled.

The musician received a hostile reception in Kinshasa when he landed at the airport on Saturday afternoon. He was booed and jeered at the airport before being whisked away in a car.

Congolese Twitter users were on Tuesday quick to congratulate their police officers for arresting the singer.

The Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia also cancelled his planned show.


How A Matatu Tout Grew To Become CEO Of A Top Insurance Firm

If you told Ahmed Abdi some years back that he would at one time run his own firm in Kenya, he wouldn’t have believed it. Abdi would have dismissed you as a joker and went back to his odd jobs, making a few coins in a day to provide for his family.

The 29 year old, who is now CEO of Amana Insurance Brokers Limited, was once a tout in Garissa town, coupling it with other odd jobs to cater for his family that survived from hand to mouth.

Speaking to Daily Nation, Mr Abdi painted the picture of a real hustler, revealing how he started hustling at a very tender age.

“I learnt to hustle at an early age. I started selling eggs and chicken at 10 years. Entrepreneurship is innate and it is not about class or geographic location. You have to be positive and keep your dreams alive even in the midst of discouraging situations,” he told Nation.

He revealed that at one point in life, he was made to abandon his studies at Bura Secondary School for lack of school fees. He was forced out of school, plunging into the responsibility of supporting his family. He took any odd job that came his way to boost the earnings of his parents who operated a small business. Some of the odd jobs he did included touting, a garage mechanic, and a truck turn boy.

The new dawn for the once matatu taut

Mr Abdi says that at some date back in 2008, he received a call from his cousin who offered him an office messenger job at his Transnep Insurance Agency insurance firm that is based in Nairobi.

He reveals how hard it was to survive on the 6K salary that he was offered at Transnep Insurance.

“I ate once a day and washed my clothes every day because I had only one shirt and one trouser,” he tells Nation.

He says that he worked so hard that he was promoted through ranks, becoming the firm’s marketing executive and later on a general manager. He was also able to return to school where he enrolled for KCSE as a private student, passing very well.

After passing KCSE, Mr Abdi went on to pursue several courses including insurance, marketing and strategic management. In 2011, he registered his own company, now known as Amana Insurance Brokers Limited.

He is perhaps one of few youngsters running his own insurance brokerage firm. Among other achievements, he has so far been awarded the Best Agency Award and was recently named the Best Insurance Broker by Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK).

Amana Insurance Brokers, which he now heads, is a mid-size company with an annual turn-over of Sh8million. It sells policies from major underwriters in the country including International Rescue Committee, ACTED and other top NGOs.

Even though his company is doing very well, he says that he is not yet there as he plans to grow his company even more.

“As a brokerage firm I sell other people’s policies, my dream is to grow into a fully-fledged insurance firm where I underwrite my own policies,”

Observation on the insurance job market

“Being young in Kenya is a real curse, people don’t take you seriously,” Ahmed says.

“Insurance is seen as a game for those above the age of 40 years, so many don’t see how a young man like me can run an outfit like this one.”

He however points out that his plan is to target the youth, small-scale traders, and other untapped sectors in a way to target the unemployed youth.

Career advice tips from Mr Abdi

  • Never allow your dream to be put off by the challenging situations that surround you. Mr Abdi says that entrepreneurship was an innate thing that he realized at the age of 10, which happens to be his present career.
  • Never allow the salary to stand in your way of growing your career. With only 6K, Mr Abdi persevered in the same organization that saw him grow his career and start his own company.
  • Take all opportunities you come by to advance your education. Mr Abdi started at the lowest level of high school. You can take that step to have an additional certificate on your training.
  • He also happens to provide a lesson that as a job seeker, your aim could also be to create jobs for others.
  • It doesn’t matter what you do, provided you do not stay idle and that it doesn’t go against morals.

Kikuyu women don’t take things lying down so hate on…



There’s been a lot of hostility directed at the Gikuyu women as they have for long been portrayed as greedy and murderous in nature despite the circumstances.

This is all because they are no nonsense, hardworking, headstrong and will leave no stone unturned when scorned.

From bland food to cold sex lives, they have had to face all kinds of hate spewed against them because they refused to bend backwards to accommodate some deluded psycho who thought they could have it easy and go their way.

A lot of talk on how many single mothers there are from that community would make one think that other communities are always ‘happily ever after’. Bite that! The reality is that many broken marriages are because two people disagreed and the best was for them to part ways. Each party played a role in the break up either by leaving or choosing to stay.

For men thought to be wealthy like the late Jacob Juma, they had a Gikuyu woman behind them. Wambui Otieno is another who was no nonsense when it came to standing for what she knew was right for her. We all know how the story ends.

The latest hullaballoo was of Wambui Kamiru, another Gikuyu woman who ‘bagged’ Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. Kamiru is the founder of The Art Space, an independent commercial art gallery on Riverside Drive in Nairobi.

For many haters, Wambui was a gold digger only interested in Collymores money. This is despite reports that the two had been dating for a number of years and even attending many social functions together.

But despite all this flak, many men will want to bed or wife these women depending on where they come from and who schooled them. More often than not though, the men will have been warned severally against getting tangled with the poison ivy…

The mystery that is the Gikuyu woman is however the allure that attracts every other man to them.

Rarely do you hear of the good they have done or how much they have achieved without a dead man being thrown into the mix.

The reality is that the Gikuyu community is matriarchal and women have learnt from a very tender age that they have to ‘grow some balls’ to protect their own-especially children. In this community, children belong to the woman and there’s nothing you can do about that.

For many chest thumping honchos out there who have children with the Gikuyu women but they do not take care of, they should be grateful that the women were well taught. The reality is there are many single mothers out there who could not stand pampering a grown man at the expense of her child and opted to leave.

If a man cannot bring a morsel home or if it is a fight giving some, what good will it do a woman sticking around such a man. Just the name and status accorded ‘married’ women?

From this, not many will be found groveling for attention from good-for-nothing Johnny Bravo types who can offer nothing but their ego. Take that to your mama please…

Any man who cannot earn his keep is not worthy having a woman who has been taught independence and supporting all the weight the world may put on her shoulders.

A Gikuyu woman will not tolerate a man who will be competing with her for trips to the hair salon or who wants to claim miles of space for their man makeup products.

It’s a woman’s job to look good and for the man to make sure it happens all the time. Not the other way.

And so, if a man thought it is man enough to impregnate a woman and then let her fend for his progeny without his support, then take a deep breath and let that Gikuyu woman be. One thing is sure though-her kids will never go hungry as she watches.

She may not have the ‘skwembes’ or the bum to die for but she will always be the provider you will never be. Beat that!

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Prof Sam Ongeri hospitalised after he collapsed at home

Kenya’s envoy to UN-Habitat Prof Sam Ongeri has been admitted to Oasis Hospital in Kisii. A close family member said the Ambassador was taken ill after he collapsed on Saturday morning. “He is in a stable condition but we are making arrangements to air lift him to Nairobi,” said the family sources. Hospital records indicate that the former Education minister was admitted around 9.30am on Saturday. Former Nyaribari Masaba MP Dr Hezron Manduku visited the Ambassador in hospital. Ongeri was among the delegation that accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to New York early last week.

Kalenjin top female musician ‘Chelele’ attempts suicide

Kalenjin top female musician Diana Chemutai, known for her stage name “Chelele”, has reportedly attempted to take her own life.The secular musician popularly known for her songs ‘elfut’ and ‘Binti Osama’ was rushed to a hospital on Saturday after a suspected result showed she may have taken a drug overdose.

She is currently responding to treating in an unidentified hospital in Nairobi. Reasons for the attempt on her life are yet  to be known

More to follow………………………………………..