Kikuyu women don’t take things lying down so hate on…



There’s been a lot of hostility directed at the Gikuyu women as they have for long been portrayed as greedy and murderous in nature despite the circumstances.

This is all because they are no nonsense, hardworking, headstrong and will leave no stone unturned when scorned.

From bland food to cold sex lives, they have had to face all kinds of hate spewed against them because they refused to bend backwards to accommodate some deluded psycho who thought they could have it easy and go their way.

A lot of talk on how many single mothers there are from that community would make one think that other communities are always ‘happily ever after’. Bite that! The reality is that many broken marriages are because two people disagreed and the best was for them to part ways. Each party played a role in the break up either by leaving or choosing to stay.

For men thought to be wealthy like the late Jacob Juma, they had a Gikuyu woman behind them. Wambui Otieno is another who was no nonsense when it came to standing for what she knew was right for her. We all know how the story ends.

The latest hullaballoo was of Wambui Kamiru, another Gikuyu woman who ‘bagged’ Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. Kamiru is the founder of The Art Space, an independent commercial art gallery on Riverside Drive in Nairobi.

For many haters, Wambui was a gold digger only interested in Collymores money. This is despite reports that the two had been dating for a number of years and even attending many social functions together.

But despite all this flak, many men will want to bed or wife these women depending on where they come from and who schooled them. More often than not though, the men will have been warned severally against getting tangled with the poison ivy…

The mystery that is the Gikuyu woman is however the allure that attracts every other man to them.

Rarely do you hear of the good they have done or how much they have achieved without a dead man being thrown into the mix.

The reality is that the Gikuyu community is matriarchal and women have learnt from a very tender age that they have to ‘grow some balls’ to protect their own-especially children. In this community, children belong to the woman and there’s nothing you can do about that.

For many chest thumping honchos out there who have children with the Gikuyu women but they do not take care of, they should be grateful that the women were well taught. The reality is there are many single mothers out there who could not stand pampering a grown man at the expense of her child and opted to leave.

If a man cannot bring a morsel home or if it is a fight giving some, what good will it do a woman sticking around such a man. Just the name and status accorded ‘married’ women?

From this, not many will be found groveling for attention from good-for-nothing Johnny Bravo types who can offer nothing but their ego. Take that to your mama please…

Any man who cannot earn his keep is not worthy having a woman who has been taught independence and supporting all the weight the world may put on her shoulders.

A Gikuyu woman will not tolerate a man who will be competing with her for trips to the hair salon or who wants to claim miles of space for their man makeup products.

It’s a woman’s job to look good and for the man to make sure it happens all the time. Not the other way.

And so, if a man thought it is man enough to impregnate a woman and then let her fend for his progeny without his support, then take a deep breath and let that Gikuyu woman be. One thing is sure though-her kids will never go hungry as she watches.

She may not have the ‘skwembes’ or the bum to die for but she will always be the provider you will never be. Beat that!


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