WARNING: Obscene PHOTOS of the high school female students’ SEX ride to Nairobi

WARNING: Obscene PHOTOS of the high school female students’ SEX ride to Nairobi

WARNING: At the send of this story is an actual vagina. It is bushy too.

The shocking story of 40 students arrested while having sex on a Nairobi bound bus and also ‘high’ on bhang continue to expose the changing world of secondary education.

Police found female students hiding matchboxes in their underwear. This comes a day after boys from St. Patrick Iten were arrested after storming Sing’ore Girls where they claimed the female students had invited them for sex.

The students from various high schools in Kirinyaga and Nyeri Counties were travelling for the August holiday on Wednesday afternoon when police intercepted the bus.

Following a thorough search, police found one with several rolls of bhang, tobacco and matches hidden in her underwear.

The ‘Team Cash’ matatu had graffiti reading; ‘Why go to high school when you can’t go to school high.’

Resident Jadidah Nyawira said she spotted heavily intoxicated students in the bus, in which loud music was being played, at Kibirigwi trading centre.

She said the students were misbehaving publicly before the police arrived.

Many of the students arrested in the 33-seater bus, intercepted on Karatina-Nairobi highway, were from Nyeri county, said Kirinyaga county Education director Elizabeth Karani.

Karani said she asked the county police commander and commissioner to ensure action is taken against the driver and conductor.

She said another bus ferrying intoxicated students to Nairobi was intercepted at Makuyu on the same day.

“We will deal with the students from the board of management to ensure such is not repeated,” she said.


“I am urging the security team to be alert, especially this week when schools are being closed for the August holiday, to ensure any vehicle ferrying young boys and girls is thoroughly inspected.”


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