Why Gospel Artiste Ringtone Wants To Marry Tanzanian Singer Ray C (pic)

Ever since Tanzanian Veteran songstress declared that she is looking for a husband,more than 500 proposals have been sent to her registering interest despite the harsh rules that accompanied the marriage invitation.

So even after coming out to withdraw the marriage invitation claiming it was a prank to her fans,men are still drooling after the once hardcore drug addict goodies the latest being our very own ‘Pamela’ hitmaker Gospel artist Ringtone.

It is through an earlier post Ringtone posted on Instagram that bears it all.Ringtone says that he heard that Ray C is born-again,a sister in christ for this matter,and that he heard she is looking for a husband.His availability and interest was also revealed in the post too.

The screenshot below bears the artiste who recently bought himself a Range Rover exact words.

Am just wondering whether this is a normal stunt the artist has pulled to remain relevant in the industry since its long  blogs or papers wrote about him or he is real and meaning his interest.

Time will tell.In the meantime,lets see how Ray C will take it bearing in mind not so long ago…she revealed her crush on President Kenyatta. by Dailyriftnews


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