RAILA FINALLY SPEAKS: RAILA reveals the foolish mistake he made while meeting OBAMA! Vows never to entertain it again

US President Barrack Obama on Sunday blasted Kenya’s opposition leaders accusing them of being masters of hypocrisy and double speaks.

Obama who ended his visit to Kenya particularly criticised CORD leader, Raila Odinga, saying he has been pressurizing him to challenge the Jubilee Government yet he had previously told the US to keep off matters to do with governance in Kenya.

But why did Obama embarrass a man who claims to be the father of democracy in Kenya?

According to ODM strategists who convened an emergency meeting on Monday to try to save their leader’s face, Raila made one mistake that destroyed his relations with Obama.

They believe the presence of Narc Kenya chairperson, Martha Karua, in the meeting was one of the issues that made Obama blast the opposition badly.

They said Obama remembered well that Martha Karua was the face of arrogance during the defunct Grand Coalition Government where she uttered some the most unsavoury words against America and Europe.

The strategists advised Raila Odinga to avoid hanging around with leaders who may jeopardize his 2017 presidential campaign or damage his reform credentials.

by Dailyriftnews


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