Kuppet snubs pay talks with TSC

Two teachers’ unions are divided on meeting with the Teachers Service Commission to discuss court orders that directed they be paid higher salaries.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) attended the meeting at TSC headquarters in Upper Hill, Nairobi, on Wednesday but the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) kept off.

“Kuppet was invited by TSC for a meeting this (Wednesday) morning at 8am which we have declined to attend,” union Secretary-General Akelo Misori said in a statement.

Kuppet officials said they did not see the need to attend the meeting as the court order is clear, and accused TSC of “engaging in tactics to delay the salary increase”.

After meeting the TSC, Knut Secretary-General Wilson Sossion asked the National Assembly to push the Treasury to release the money by midnight, August 31.


The TSC, on the other hand, urged teachers not to go on strike when schools reopen next week as negotiations over their salaries go on.

The teachers’ employer had invited the two unions for a meeting after the Supreme Court declined to stop the enforcement of a lower courts’ orders that required it to pay teachers a 50-60 per cent pay raise.

The teachers expect to be paid the higher salaries as the appeal filed by the TSC is heard by the Court of Appeal.

Treasury PS Kamau Thugge said the country should brace itself for tough options in raising the Sh17 billion required to pay teachers following the Supreme Court ruling.


12 things you didn’t know about Kenya’s ‘prettiest pastor’ Rev Lucy Natasha

She’s been called the prettiest evangelist in Kenya, but the soft-spoken Reverend Lucy Natasha says she has more to offer as a woman of God.

On Monday afternoon at an elite joint in Nairobi, Citizen Digital sat down with the media shy minister, where she opened up about her life.

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She had these to share:

  1. She is not Rwandese

Contrary to what local blogs and online sites earlier published, her parents are both Kenyan.

“I think many people believe I am Rwandan because when a lot of blogs were writing about me in June, I was uploading a lot of images on social media from Rwanda – I had visited the country for ministry,” clarified Natasha.

The evangelist is the first born in a family of three, and she has sister named Shiphra and brother named Shafique.

“I always say being a first born is not a privilege; it is more of a responsibility. You are a pace setter to your siblings. Our ages are so close, and so we grew up together,” said the minister.

  1. She grew up in Huruma, Eastlands

With a nostalgic smile the gorgeous pastor revealed that she’s from ‘Eastlando’.

“I grew up in Huruma. That was my life’s foundation. You can imagine some of the people I started life with have now been shot. It was difficult growing up. I am a seed of mercy. Looking back, I can say it is by God’s grace I made it this far,” said Natasha.

  1. She was raised by a single mother

Natasha’s parents separated and her mum raised her and her siblings.

“My mother has always been a very hardworking woman. She struggled to raise us up. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I appreciate the much effort she has put in me.”

  1. She had speech disorder as a child

Reverend Natasha revealed she could not speak fluently as a child.

She stammered quite severely, but she was healed when a man of God prayed for her.

“When I was a child, I faced a lot of difficulties. I was a stutterer so I could not speak clearly. When I was 9-years-old when the stammering miraculously ceased,” said Natasha.

The preacher confessed that the miracle made a huge impact in her life as growing up with a speech impediment was difficult.

She went further to reveal that when she was healed she begun engaging in debates, poems in Primary school.

  1. Ministry flows in her family

Reverend Lucy Natasha’s grandmother was a pastor during her hey days and her mother is also an ordained Reverend.

“I am a third generation pastor. The calling (to ministry) came when I was too young to understand. Through involvement in church activities, I found my true purpose – to serve the Lord,” said Natasha.

Though she grew up in a religious home, the road to full time ministry was a long one.

“Actually my siblings saw the stages I passed through to be a fulltime evangelist. It is not something which happened instantly.”

Natasha wakes up at 3:00 am every other morning to pray and read the Bible-a practice she borrowed from her mum.

  1. She enjoys traveling

“My mission statement is very short – reaching the unreached with the gospel,” asserted the evangelist.

That, according to Natasha, is the main reason she has toured more than 25 countries in her ministry.

“What drives me is seeing people being liberated by the preaching and the teaching of the word. That is what moves me to take my gospel to places like Doha-Qatar; Leicester, Birmingham-United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi, Ethipoia Rwanda and other regions,” said Natasha.

What countries would she like to travel to? Israel is at the top of her list, followed by France, Turkey and Spain.

“Israel is a special one for me since it brings the Bible to life; it’s a nice destination for any Christian who wants to connect with the Bible,” she advised.

  1. She was ordained as a reverend in 2011

Despite being one of the youngest Reverends in the country, Lucy Natasha’s Ministry has grown tremendously since its inception in June 19, 2011.

She said the secret to her Ministry’s rapid growth is support from her fellow clergy.

“I have people that stand with me in ministry-I have a covering. My spiritual dad is Bishop Arthur Kitonga who is the founder of Redeemed Gospel Church. He is a pillar in my ministry,” stated Natasha.

  1. She’s an author

In addition to preaching the gospel, the soft spoken pastor is also an author.

Natasha has written four books: Characteristics of a God Leading Lady, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, 7 Keys to Success and Every Problem has an Expiry Date.

  1. She cooks square chapatis

When she’s not preaching or writing, Natasha can be found taking photos.

“Photography helps me to capture the memories, share my experiences and stories which would last forever,” she said passionately.

The preacher, whose favorite meal is ugali, greens and beef, also enjoys cooking.

“I also love cooking because the genes run in my family – both of my siblings are professional chefs.I do enjoy cooking Swahili dishes, but not chapatis – oh my God! (Laughs) – they always turn out to be square-shaped.”

  1. She is single

Marriage is important to the globetrotting evangelist, and she is looking forward to settling down in the next five years.

“I am single, but I would love to have a family in the near future. I believe that God gives us the right life partners we just have to be patient and prayerful about it.”

Reverend Lucy revealed her ideal kind of man: “I would like to marry a man after God’s own heart; one that will be my best friend and is sincere. I have no those specifications like he has to be a preacher like me, or in corporate world or business.”

Reverend Lucy does not see men who flock her ministry because of her beauty as a challenge. Instead, says their attention is actually an opportunity to convert more people to God’s ways.

  1. She would like to have two kids

When asked about the number of kids she would like to have, she quickly interjected amidst laughter: “It depends with my future husband! Considering the current economic times, I would stick with two as my number. The gender of the kid does not matter.”

  1. Cleansing, moisturising is the secret of her well-toned skin

Reverend Natasha revealed eating healthy and taking care of her skin is the secret to her beauty.

“I eat healthy. I also do a lot of skin care; I cleanse, tone and moisturise my face every day. Additionally, I work out once in a while, though I would love to do more of it regularly,” said Natasha.

Throughout the interview what stood out: Reverend Natasha is full of life, and the air around her is full of inspiration and positivity. Courtesy of citizen digital

Why toothpicks are bad for you

Dear Dentist, my teeth have developed spaces in between them. Could this be a result of using tooth picks, or are there other causes?
Isma, Mpigi.
Dear Isma, the use of tooth picks is one of the causes of space in between one’s teeth. For some people, it’s a common practice to use a tooth pick every after a meal whether it is at the restaurant or in their homes.

While cleaning your teeth is certainly a good thing, the popularity of toothpicks begs the question, are they actually safe for your teeth?

Like your toothbrush, many people argue that tooth picks can significantly benefit you if used with care.
When used excessively or improperly, toothpicks might scrape or damage your sensitive gum tissue. Since toothpicks are limited in their ability to reach between your teeth, we (dentists) recommend relying on a dental floss.

However, receding of gums is another cause that can lead to creation of space between your teeth. This recession can be as a result of poor brushing methods and having a gum disease.

Identifying the problem
Some foods are notorious for sticking between teeth, but if you constantly find yourself picking food from your teeth, then you may have a problem. Dentists can easily examine your teeth for improper spacing, or perhaps cavities or holes that allow food and bacteria to gather inside of them. If your teeth aren’t properly shaped or aligned, or if they are infected with decay, then annoyance will be the least of your problems if you do not get proper treatment.

Should you use a tooth pick?
A toothpick could cause quite some damage to your gums whether it is made of wood or the modern plastic ones. A toothpick may not be damaging to the teeth, but the gums take a battering when one uses the toothpick too aggressively. Toothpicks are the most commonly swallowed items, making them a danger to you as well.

Is dental floss safe for you?
Although dental floss is generally more effective than toothpicks, it can also damage your teeth and gums if not used properly.

For proper use of dental floss; Wrap each end of a length of floss around your index fingers, and use your thumbs for leverage as you carefully manoeuver the floss between your teeth.

Angle the floss around the side of one tooth and gently move it up and down.

Angle the floss around the other tooth and repeat the movement. Your dentist can best explain to you how to use dental floss.
I recommend you visit any professional dental care provider for a thorough check-up to ascertain what the cause might be.
The writer is a dentist


Traffic police officers have been accused of receiving bribes to compromise breaking of traffic rules by the motorist.In the latest reports,nairobi county alone has a high number of bribes compared to other counties.However,the officers have taken advantage of traffic act to sort bribes from speeding motorist.For instance,a motorist can exceed upto 90km/h but as for police,the speed will be too high!This is how motorists have been paying millions of shillings to rogue traffic officers!!!!

http://www.dailyriftnews.com/Fuel prices goes up again!

The increase in the cost of super petrol which will now retail at Sh102.65 in Nairobi has been attributed to the recent increase in the Road Maintenance Levy/FILE

The Energy Regulation Commission has increased the cost of super petrol by Sh4.06 in Nairobi even as it cut the price of diesel and kerosene by Sh1.21 and Sh4.76 respectively.

The increase in the cost of super petrol which will now retail at Sh102.65 in Nairobi has been attributed to the recent increase in the Road Maintenance Levy (RML) which was taken into account while pricing both diesel and super petrol.

“This month’s pump prices took into account of an addition Sh3 per litre in the pricing of super petrol and diesel to cover the enhanced Road Maintenance Levy (RML) announced in this year’s budget,” ERC Director General Joseph Ng’ang’a said.

“Accordingly, recovery of the additional cost borne by oil marketing companies has been factored for all cargoes whose taxes were paid after the effected date.”

The increased RML came into effect on July 17, 2015.

Joseph Ng’ang’a also says super went up due to higher cost of importing which increased by 1.25 percent in July.

“This was a consequence of average landed cost of imported super petrol increasing by 1.25perecnt from $718.97 per ton in June 2015 to $727.97 per ton in July 2015,” he explained.

In Nairobi, a litre of diesel will sell at Sh83.35 while kerosene will sell at Sh57.98.

In Nakuru a litre of super petrol will retail at Sh103.33, diesel at Sh84.26 and kerosene at Sh58.82 while in Kisumu super petrol will go for ShSh104.55, diesel at Sh85.48 and kerosene Sh59.84.

In Mombasa where the prices are the lowest, super petrol will retail at Sh99.32, diesel at Sh80.06 and kerosene at Sh55.25 while in Mandera where prices are highest, petrol will go for Sh116.46, diesel at Sh97.16 and kerosene to sell at Sh71.79.

The Motorists Association of Kenya immediately issued a statement condemning the latest increase.

“Fuel controls which we had agitated for years have been hijacked. Fuel pricing in Kenya is not fair anymore. The present fuel price formulation is far from what was enacted as law in 2010. The formula is a charade,” the association said.

It said motorists are yet to feel the benefits of low world prices.

“We are opposed to the rise of oil prices by Sh3 for road levy. The illegal move is going to impact negatively on vehicle owner pocket and the economy.” dailyriftnews

Jehovah Wanyonyi Is Dead And Buried, Says Area Chief

Jehovah Wanyonyi Is Dead And Buried, Says Area Chief

Jehovah Wanyonyi, the self-declared god and leader of Lost Israelites, died on July 18, 2015, a local chief has said.

Daniel Busienei, chief of Kipsomba location in Uasin Gishu County, said the family members had approached him for for a burial permit.

“The family came to me for a burial permit after they claimed that Jehovah Wanyonyi succumbed to illness on his way to Cherangany Nursing Home in Kitale town,” Busienei as quoted by The Standard.

The administrator said the 98-year-old Jehovah Wanyonyi died as he was being taken to the hospital.

He said he directed the family members to his Assistant Chief Paul Bett who issued the permit.

Bett confirmed to the local daily that he gave the burial permit to Wanyonyi’s relatives on July 19.

However, Wanyonyi’s family members and worshipers still maintain that their god is alive.

As Tuko.co.ke earlier reported, the faithful claim that Wanyonyi is being taken care of at an undisclosed hospital in Nairobi where his sons took him to.

His over 1,000 followers, through their spokesperson Eliab Masinde, refuted claims that he was secretly buried in Uganda.

Jehovah Wanyonyi’s home is in Chemororoch Village in Nangili near Mount Elgon, which he referred to as Mount Zion.

A 14 year old impregnated by his own grandfather

Msichana wa miaka 14 apachikwa mimba na babu yake

A 14 year old girl in Voi Taita Tavetta County is waiting to deliver after being impregnated by his grandfather.Its alleged that the grandy,a 60 year old has been sleeping with her granddoughter,an orphan since February.Police has embarked on investigation.If found guilty,the grandfather will answer charges of defilement.More to follow……….